vyperman7 (vyperman7) wrote,

Who Knew (Buffy/Clark) - Song by Pink

BTVS/Smallville Crossover event...

A video dedicated to the pairing you always wanted to see but couldn't - Buffy and Clark. Buffy and Clark are losing hope when it comes to love. However, they meet, and fall for each other. But as we all know love is never easy and troubles ensue. Clark pulls away, which eventually makes Buffy stray. They have to fight through the bad times to make things work.

This was a project I cut for my demo reel @ school. It is a video with all scene manipulation, and includes soundbytes/voiceovers to help sell the story even better. Softwares used include After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, and Avid.

I own neither BTVS or Smallville. This was made purely for non profit with no copyright infringement intended.

Song is Who Knew by Pink

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