Hitman Movie Tribute (Saliva's Weight of the World)

Hitman : The Movie
Saliva - Weight of the World
Edited on Avid Media Composer

This is a fast paced 2 minute spot that pays tribute to the film Hitman that was based on the videogame starring Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47 who was raised to be a killer for hire since he was a child. The video focuses on all the best action and the unlikely romance that develops between 47 and Nika (Olga Kurylenko).



Rocky Tribute - Thunder in Your Heart (RAD Soundtrack)

Rocky Tribute - Films 1-4 & Rocky Balboa
*Rocky V not included
Thunder in Your Heart - RAD OST
Edited on Avid Media Composer

A tribute that features scenes from all the Rocky films including the latest installment Rocky Balboa. It gives a nice look at the various training aspects from all the films, a look at all of Rocky's big fights, insights into Rocky's character in general, and bits and pieces of the relationship between Rocky and Adrian.



Best of You - Moonlight Tribute (CBS)

A 90 second spot showcasing moments of CBS's new vampire drama Moonlight. The majority of the video focuses on the relationship between Beth/Mick, with a few action moments and Mick character tid-bits thrown in. A nice overall mix previewing what the show has to offer.

CREATED SOLELY FOR NON PROFIT FOR www.moonlightfans.com... All material owned by CBS. No copyright infringement intended.



Fatal Attraction - Theatrical Trailer (Smallville/BTVS cross)

A trailer mash up that combines elements from the two television shows - Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Based on the plot of the film Fatal Attraction, this trailer shows how obsession can become fatal. Clark and Lana are a happily married couple, until Clark is introduced to Red Kryptonite. While under the influence, Clark cheats on Lana with Buffy. When Clark and Lana try to put it behind them, Buffy refuses to let go and becomes obsessed with Clark leading to fatal consequences.



The Chosen Ones - Theatrical Trailer (Smallville/BTVS cross)

A trailer mashup that combines elements from the two television shows - Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It shows what it would be like if Clark Kent and Buffy Summers actually met and fell in love, which includes learning the truth about one another. But when Lex breaks out of prison and discovers Clark's secret, both Clark and Buffy must deal with the consequences.



Parody Mashup Trailer - Arnold Schwarzenegger in Basic Instinct

This is a parody trailer mash-up that throws Arnold Schwarzenegger into the world of Basic Instinct. Watch as he and attempts to take Catherine Tramell down without giving into his "Basic Instinct". Several films used include True Lies, Total Recall, Raw Deal, Basic Instinct 1/2, Sliver, Deja Vu, Kindergarten Cop, and Last Action Hero.

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Smallville Music Video - S6 overview

This is a two minute spot I created showcasing the best S6 of Smallville had to offer. It focuses primarily on Clark, with some Chlark, Clois, and Clana thrown in. As well as a little JLA, and a look at evil Lex, the fall of the Clex friendship, and a look at the Clexana triangle. Just a good all around mix of S6 to get ready for S7.

Music by Trust Company (more)