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My fanvids

Hey everyone.

I have only been a member of LJ for a few months, and I have mainly been using it as an outlet to show off my fanvids that I have created. I thought I would post a journal entry showing some of them off for anyone who is interested.

You can also catch all my recent work here :


Spuffy :

Breathe Me

A Spuffy video from Buffy's POV.

A video with a story of Buffy's self discovery. After a break up with Spike, Buffy begins to realize how much she needs Spike, and that it was her who always pushed away. But with Buffy pushing away anytime Spike and her get closer, will they be able to make it work?

* Set to a REMIXED version of Sia's "Breathe Me" that I CREATED.

Every Breath You Take

A Spuffy vid from Spike's POV.

A video with its own story. Spike breaks into the Iniative's main office to hack the computer, and stumbles onto a camera feed recording Buffy having sex. It is love at first site for Spike. He becomes obsessed with her, following Buffy everywhere. Through dreams, Buffy begins to realize Spike's presence and eventually tracks him down. But with Buffy's fear of commitment, will Spike be able to make it work between them?

Song - Every Breath You Take by The Police
Edited on Sony Vegas

It's Not Over - The Spuffy Story

Set to It's Not Over by Chris Daughtry, this video takes a look at Spike and Buffy's story over the 6th and 7th seasons of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The good times, bad times, coming together, and ultimately the end.

Song - It's Not Over by Daughtry
Edited on Sony Vegas


A very sad and emotional video with its own story. On the edge of Spike's death, Buffy and Spike look back at the memories of their love for one another.

Song - Memories by Within Temptation
Edited on Sony Vegas

Bangel :


Now I am not a big fan of Buffy/Angel. But I always wanted to use Blurry by POM and the song fits them best.

Buffy and Angel's overall relationship can be described as "blurry". They love each other, but can never truly be together. This video gives an overall look at the Bangel ship, including the Angelus arc from S2.

Song - Blurry by Puddle of Mudd
Edited on Sony Vegas

Buffy Character Study - Forever Alone

This is a FAST paced character study focusing on Buffy. It showcases great scenes from all seasons of BTVS. It has action, bits from Buffy's main ships (Angel,Riley,and Spike) and the overall look of Buffy as the Slayer.

Song is Wait by Earshot
Edited on Sony Vegas

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